My divine assignment

Pre-COVID, my calendar was filled with all the things I love to teach and share to help people alleviate mental stress and to give people an opportunity to connect with their heart and spirit.

My purpose, or divine assignment as I refer to it, is to share practices in chair yoga and sound meditation; to encourage creativity hosting mala-making workshops; and to teach the ancient healing modality of reiki.

You can imagine when we were all required to stay at home, I was left to cancel all workshops and trainings.

The unknown of how long this stay at home was going to be, I did what I knew to do…tap into my own practices which I share openly with others and surrender and patiently wait.

However, two months in and I honestly don’t see any glimmer of in-person groups events any time soon.


creative solutions to share

I meditated and waited for guidance from the Universe as to how to move forward into to serve. I needed creative solutions to share not only because I love to teach but more importantly, because these tools are needed more than ever now to assist in navigating this challenging time.

The creative solutions I graciously received from the Universe/Source is definitely a new way to show up however still remains profound and transformational.


Most, if not all, businesses have moved their events online. I was asked to be a part of a virtual retreat by making malas for the participants as the host was providing care packages for each retreat participant. Although I am not able to host in-person mala-making workshops, I am able to remain in creative flow and able to provide malas in this new way. I will interact and share with the participants information on what is a mala and its purpose. I will also lead the participants in a meditation using the mala as a tool to reduce stress/anxiety and to instill inner peace/stillness.


This in-person training has also moved online. I am offering virtual one-on-one or group trainings as well as a self-paced audio training program.

Chair Yoga and Meditation

These in-person corporate wellness events have moved online as well. I am offering virtual chair yoga, seated tai chi and meditation sessions to corporations, summits, and retreats.


Expansive Opportunities

This COVID time has opened up expansive opportunities and assisted in pivoting Swan Goddess into serving the world virtually.

Please reach out to me. I would love to talk and co-create value to your cause and mission. There are no longer any physical barriers preventing a strong and committed working relationship. #werisetogether