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new opportunities and creative solutions

Pre-pandemic, my calendar was filled with all the things I love to teach and share to help people alleviate mental stress and to give people an opportunity to connect with their heart and spirit.

My purpose, or divine assignment as I refer to it, is to share practices in yoga, tai chi; guided sound meditation; to encourage creativity hosting mala-making workshops; and to teach the ancient healing modality of reiki.

You can imagine when we were all required to stay at home, I was left to cancel all workshops and trainings.

Everything I love to share, guide and teach has always been done in person – whether it’s at a yoga studio, school, community center, home or corporation.

My mind was swirling with questions like, ‘How do I serve virtually?’; ‘How do I do what I love online?’

I didn’t know how to provide inner peace and calm in the online space. I needed to do something!

The unknown of how long this pandemic was going to last, I did what I know to do…tap into my own practices which I share openly with others, surrender and patiently wait.

It was imperative for me to pause, breathe, meditate and listen for Universal guidance. I learned this the hard way in my life – if I want continuous peace, joy and love then I need to stop fighting life…I need to stop resisting the mysterious unknown universal guidance so I am able to feel aligned and my best each day.

There is no reason to do life alone. It’s simply too stressful. The Universe has proven time and time again that it has a much better plan for me than I can come up with for myself.

The pandemic provided a deeper opportunity to trust and co-create with the Universe.

The creative solutions provided to me by the Universe required the use of technology which intimidates me (I am being transparent here). I took one day at a time and I created a YouTube channel as it seemed to be the path of least technological resistance. I now use Zoom and Google Meet. I have also learned how to use iMovie. I am happy to report technology is my friend!

However, I honestly don’t see any glimmer of hope having in-person group events any time soon.

The tools I passionately share and teach are life tools but these tools are needed more than ever NOW to assist in navigating this pandemic high-stress time as well as for post-pandemic stress effects.

The creative solutions I graciously received from the Universe is definitely a new way to show up however the work remains profound and transformational.

Virtual Events in your own space

The following virtual events are ways I can serve you, your organization, community, and/or family, safely and in the comfort of your own space (detail description under Online Classes section of website):


Most, if not all, businesses have moved their events online. I was asked to be a part of a virtual retreat by making malas for the participants as the host was providing care packages for each retreat participant. Although I am not able to host in-person mala-making workshops, I am able to remain in creative flow and able to provide malas in this new way. I will also interact and share with the participants information on what is a mala and its purpose. I will also lead the participants in a meditation using the mala as a tool to reduce stress/anxiety and to instill inner peace/stillness.

I have also been asked to make malas for a mastermind group. The woman who leads the mastermind group wanted to gift her clients a gift as their summer retreat has been canceled. I worked with the leader of the group to design the mala relevant for the energy of the group…it’s something unique which connects and anchors their sisterhood community.

Malas can be custom designed for your clients, retreat participants, youth groups and camps; as birthday favors or gifts, teacher gifts, special occasions and more.

Reiki Trainings

This in-person training has also moved online. I am offering virtual one-on-one or group trainings as well as a self-paced audio training program.

Chair Yoga and Meditation

These in-person corporate wellness events have moved online as well. I am offering virtual chair yoga, seated tai chi and meditation sessions to corporations, conferences, and retreats.

Yoga Nidra

This in-person practice has also moved online. Yoga Nidra is known as yogic sleep – a healing, restorative and meditative practice releasing stress held in the cellular body.

Speaking Engagements

I am able to speak and/or present at your next virtual event on authentic leadership and vision.

Retreat Presenter

I am able to present various modalities at your next retreat on healing the heart and co-creating with the Universe.

Author Reading, Meditation, Yoga for Children

For virtual school visits, summer camps, youth groups, home school groups, girl/boy scout troops and more.

This COVID time has opened up expansive opportunities and assisted in pivoting Swan Goddess into serving the world virtually.

Please reach out to me. I would love to talk and co-create value to your cause and mission.

There are no longer any physical barriers preventing a strong and committed working relationship. #werisetogether

“Shalini is a wonderful addition to any event that seeks to raise the vibration of consciousness and personal power! Our attendees raved about her authentic connection and transformational talk which was very impactful! Her story of triumph coupled with her knowledge of chakras left the audience wanting more! I highly recommend working with Shalini to enhance the experience of your events for your attendees. She is a top-notch transformational speaker!”

– CM

“Inspiring, intuitive, and illuminating are just a few words I would use to describe Shalini. I received Reiki I, II, & III training with her, as well as a crystal singing bowl sound healing certification. I never imagined all the doors that could be opened now that I have completed my training, and my journey has just begun. I couldn’t be happier with the guidance and instruction I received and feel blessed to be part of her tribe. Shalini is an authentic, natural-born healer and an asset to the spiritual community. She is truly an inspiration to us all.”

– NC