We will be known FOREVER by the tracks we leave.

– Dakota Indian Proverb

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Do you find yourself wanting MORE for your life? Whether it’s better physical health, free from emotional pain, less mental struggle, or more spiritual connection?

You’re in the RIGHT place and I do not doubt it for a second that something higher than yourself brought you to this page.

I’m thrilled you are here. My heart welcomes you.

I would love to connect with you!

I’m thrilled you are here. My heart welcomes you.

Allow me to share some behind-the-scenes information about Restoreth the Breath which is scheduled to launch in Fall 2020.

I have poured and anchored a lot of energy into the creation of this course. I have been dreaming big about this for 3 years. My heart could not contain it any longer and I made a commitment to build Restoreth the Breath in October 2019.

The practices and teachings I share during the course have tremendously transformed my students’ lives for about 10 years. I want these results SO MUCH for you!

One of my gifts is being able to see the BIG PICTURE – to have higher perspective.

I have strategically designed this 7 Module course with the deep intention and desire for you to reflect, instill inspiration, embrace creative flow and navigate the CONSTANTLY changing world we live in every day. 

ALL essential practices and teachings that have shaped my life and which I currently use is packaged in Restoreth the Breath.

I have confidence in practices that offer simplicity AND depth so I am set up for success which means CONSISTENCY…able to do them daily to form a habit which will eventually result in a WAY OF LIFE.  

In order to keep up with my practices daily, I need to take them anywhere I go, be done at any time which works within my schedule and be used for all parts of my life. 

This is why I also kept this treasure in alignment and respect for your time knowing you have other commitments and responsibilities. 

Each Module is less than 20 minutes! Yes, I believe you can commit up to 20 minutes watching something that is going to TRANSFORM your life! You simply need to say YES to YOU!

EACH Module consists of the following:

  • a teaching – what you are learning and why is it important
  • a story – I share intimate life experiences in which I experienced BIG emotions and how I used the teaching to help move through
  • a practice – for example, a guided meditation
  • an action – steps to help release the past, remain in the present and create the future – provided in the form of a worksheet

I haven’t forgotten for a day what high levels of stress feel like. I experienced this in the past working in Corporate America and raising a child. It was hard and not fun!

My passion and foundation for creating Restoreth the Breath is anchored in my deep desire to reduce high levels of stress we experience in our world today.

This course will support your heart and mind to work together in PARTNERSHIP instead of battling each other as opposing forces.

We’re stronger together but it must begin with us!

We all need to take responsibility for our individual healing, growth and evolution.

I am rooted in returning pieces of your heart back to wholeness so you can DO YOU!

The journey is not an easy one but it’s a fulfilling and freeing one IF we do it together in partnership and in community.

We can be the change we wish to see in the world…together!

Hold my hand…

Let’s Rise Together!

Be the first to register for the course in Fall 2020!

Join the waitlist below