Heart activator

and visionary

Leading you to your inner radiance, wisdom and power.

I deeply desire to see a peaceful world where there is minimal or no high levels of mental or emotional distress; where everyone can live in truth, fulfillment and harmony within themselves. This I believe will then have a ripple effect into all parts of our life as well as the world. I aim to provide tools to achieve just this…tools to slowly unravel layers and layers of your life to get to the core of what is keeping your heart from experiencing peace, freedom and truth.

Showing up to experience growth…

I grew up in New York where I obtained a BBA in International Business as well as an MBA in Finance. I served in Corporate America for many years but the Universe had other plans for me. My path took me to New Jersey where I stepped into the path designed and waiting for me…to become a Spiritual Teacher and Guide. I am an advocate for truth through self-mastery. My deep desire is for everyone to return to their sacred heart. I continuously SHOW UP fully to follow the path that is being laid out for me. I share through my work how to return pieces of your heart to embody wholeness. This is all possible with breath…Your Breath is Your Super Power!

I have given myself the title of being a ‘heart activator.’ When you work with me at any capacity, I will always strive to get you closer to your heart – the part of your heart that is sacred, divine, authentic, pure, and true. I will teach you how to be in equilibrium with your heart and mind – we need the mind and heart to work in partnership in order for us to experience growth.


BBA in International Business

MBA in Finance

AS in American Sign Language / Deaf Studies

Certification in Chair and Yin Yoga, Seated Tai Chi, and Yoga Nidra

Reiki Master and Teacher

Certification in Sound Healing Modalities

Hello Sun Moon and Stars (available in English and Spanish)

Hello Sun Moon and Stars in Greek

365 Days of Angel Prayers (co-author)

111 Morning Meditations (co-author)

Women Who Influence (co-author)

Do You Believe In Angels?: Angels Winks and Whispers